Actually, this is only tangentially related to that. It's a private language school, an ESL version of Berlitz. It has nothing to do with public education, school boards, Common Core or any of that.

On the other hand — and here's your tangent — had the dope who runs it attended a public school that was halfway… » 7/31/14 11:35am 7/31/14 11:35am

I couldn't agree less! The Aeneid is one of my favorite works of art, ever. It's loaded with enough adventure and emotion to thrill generations of schoolboys, but enough ironic distance to satisfy the adults those kids become.

Yes, it is propaganda for Augustus (and Rome in general). But at the same time, it does a… » 5/05/14 10:57am 5/05/14 10:57am

I'd be more inclined to star that comment if, just a few minutes, you hadn't professed to be "disgusted" by the equally sincere beliefs of the Protestant churches, particularly regarding their various doctrines of ministry. Respect is a two-way street.

Also, you mean "persecuted." » 5/01/14 1:45pm 5/01/14 1:45pm