I'm not sure about "popular," but Opinels are readily available and have a passionate following. I've carried my #7 with the carbon blade for almost 30 years, and if it broke or were lost would replace it without a moment's hesitation. » 3/03/15 1:37pm Tuesday 1:37pm

I like the Scarecrow. He's creepy and fear-based, which makes him fit in to the Batman world. He's a demented psychiatrist, which seems to have been quite a common thing among Golden Age Bat-villains (cf. Hugo Strange, Prof. Milo), and opens up all sorts of neat possibilities given the modern-day suspicion that… » 2/25/15 5:44pm 2/25/15 5:44pm

A big "second that" for Hawkeye. It's clever, lo-fi comics fun about a pair of superheroes who can save the world when they have to, in somebody else's book, but are otherwise hard-pressed to get through a day in the big city. » 2/22/15 7:35am 2/22/15 7:35am

There's actually a small but lively BDSM presence among faithful and active Christians. (Not that I know anything about this directly, mind you. It's, um, my friends.) So at least some people have no objection in principle, setting aside the particular quality, or lack thereof, of this movie. » 2/12/15 5:02pm 2/12/15 5:02pm